You belong to Christ

by Sep 25, 2021Pastor's Blog

“Anyone who gives you a cup of water to drink
because you belong to Christ, 
amen, I say to you, will surely not lose his reward.”

Mk 9:38-43, 45, 47-48

Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time. This week I finished another two months program thanks to Amazing Parish coaching. We had about a dozen priests discussing the reality of sharing leadership in the parish setting, implementing a culture of prayer, and the emphasis of evangelization in everything we do – from Sacramental formation, to finances, to music ministry, and more. I continue to look forward in sharing these fruits with all our upcoming meetings during this new pastoral year.

The readings this weekend remind us that we are made in God’s image and likeness.  We tend to forget this.  When you look at others, do you see the face of Jesus in them?  When others look at you, do they see the face of Jesus in you? 

It was a beautiful, but difficult week. This last Wednesday night we had the first of three last Masses at St. Michael’s Chapel, Monkland. It was an emotional time, and I thank all our parishioners who participated, and especially those who prepared our Chapel for the celebration. A lot of work has been done to prepare for our Masses, the reception Saturday night, and the Open House on Sunday afternoon, from 12pm to 3pm. All are welcome for a BBQ hosted by the Knights of Columbus. Please drop by anytime and share stories with our parishioners, pray, and share a meal together. Our closing Mass will be next Wednesday, September 29th, with His Grace Archbishop Marcel Damphousse.

Also, this past Thursday night was the start of our new ALPHA session for both the youth and adults of our parishes. We are currently at max capacity, which is great news for our ALPHA team! Congrats again on all their work this summer preparing for this important ministry. Indeed, a few of the youth are now preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation in late November. Let us pray for all the candidates, as they prepare to encounter the Risen Lord in their lives.

Finally, we welcome all new families who will be visiting us at our Sunday Masses this weekend. The registration process continues again this weekend for First Communions, and Confirmations! Welcome to each and everyone of you!

As we continue to prepare to welcome all parishioners during the week, we are now ready to offer office hours. If you need to reach me, or the staff at Maison Shalom House, please call 613.525.1340. Or, please visit us during our new office hours:

  • Monday: 12pm to 4pm
  • Tuesday: 10am to 1pm
  • Wednesday: 9am to 12pm
  • Thursday: 10am to 1pm
  • Friday: 9am to 12pm

Looking forward in seeing you. Let us continue praying for one another. Have a great week. Peace.

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