We Have Found The Messiah

by Jan 16, 2021Pastor's Blog

They said to him, “Rabbi” — which translated means Teacher —, “where are you staying?” He said to them, “Come, and you will see.”

jn 1:35-42

Happy 2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time. Like the disciples in today’s Gospel, we too continue to be hungry and thirsty for God! Though we may search in many different places, we echo the disciples – ”we have found the Messiah” – when we recognize God in Our Lord Jesus Christ! Our Lord brings us truth, and grace, and invites us during these difficult times to, ”Come, and see.”

The mission continues! And these days it seems it is often a digital mission. I enjoyed the many ZOOM meetings this past week. It was good to reconnect, and to pray with and for one another.

Tuesday night we had our North Glengarry Parishes Finance Council. We will be updating the website with a Donations section. Also, please stay tuned for full details regarding the finances of each of our parishes, including the shared expenses within our North Glengarry Parishes. Our Council will meet early February, and will communicate the information via email, print, and Canada Post.

Thursday night we had our North Glengarry Parishes Pastoral Council. We had an update on the Year of St. Joseph – there are still books available if you would like to follow us for the Consecration. The team continues to discern our online experiences, especially for daily mass, 8AM. Even with our new restrictions, we continue to be allowed daily mass for 10 people. Everyone is invited to sign up, for different dates. To help, our team decided to have Sunday mass at 10AM (instead of 8AM) to allow more people the possibility of signing up. Again, the vision and mission of our new Council will be discussed in the next couple months. Please stay tuned to see more details of these two Councils, our leaders, and minutes on the website.

Finally, Wednesday night we had the leadership training for ALPHA! I am very excited to be part of this team, and proud of their work in the past few months. I really do hope you enjoyed the witness talks part of the parish email campaigns leading up to our new ALPHA experience. We have many questions, and continue to search for answers, especially during our current reality. If you have not previously attended, I invite you to Come and See, register for ALPHA Online, starting January 28th, and discover, and rediscover God’s love and mercy in your life! If you haven’t yet seen the invitation video, please check it out! It was a lot of fun. Have a great week. God bless. Peace.

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