The Baptism of the Lord

by Jan 8, 2021Pastor's Blog

And a voice came from the heavens, 

“You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased.”

Mk 1:7-11

Happy blessed Sunday! Today our Christmas season ends, and we prepare once again to know God in Our Lord Jesus Christ better through Ordinary Time, beginning Monday. Our Feast today, The Baptism of the Lord, begins His public ministry, helping people enter into His mystery, and to discover that through our baptism we too hear the words of Our Father, ‘you are my beloved son, my beloved daughter; with you I am well pleased.’ WOW! Do you remember the date you were baptized? Me neither. But I do know it was January 4th, 1976! As our Holy Father, Pope Francis, spoke of January 8th, 2014:

“Obviously we do not remember the ceremony, especially if we were baptised soon after birth, but it is a pity not to recognise the importance of this day, as we thereby “risk losing sight of what the Lord has done for us, of the gift we have received. We end up considering it merely as an event that took place in the past – and not even by our will, but rather by that of our parents – that has no effect on the present”.

As we continue our journey’s of Faith through these difficult times, let us remember the day we entered the Family of God, let us remember our baptism! Our churches may be closed, but the mission continues! Stay tuned for updates on two meetings this coming week. Both the North Glengarry Parishes Finance and Pastoral Councils will meet this week via Zoom. We are preparing to update all our parishioners on our finances for the past year. Also, we will begin the preparations for our Consecration to St. Joseph (see invite Gospel and Homily, and registration page). Finally, the invitations are now going out for ALPHA! If you haven’t experienced ALPHA, please consider joining us for our next session! The leadership training begins this week, and we plan to start our sessions at the end of January! Everyone is invited! Invite your neighbour, brother and sister, mom and dad, even your friendly neighbourhood priest. This program is meant for everyone who may have questions about Faith, it is open to Catholics and non-Catholics! All are welcome! I hope to see you soon. Peace.

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