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Experience Jesus by celebrating the sacraments at the North Glengarry Parishes. 


We’re excited you’re here. Celebrating the sacraments at the North Glengarry Parishes opens the door to a living, transformational faith.

We aspire to a living faith – knowing who Jesus is, growing in relationship with him, and leading others into that beautiful relationship.

Please find information about celebrating the sacraments below and next steps. 

“In the sacraments… Jesus Christ works in fullness.”

(CCC 1074) 

The Sacraments at the North Glengarry Parishes

We are looking forward to celebrating the sacraments with you! We want to know Jesus AND experience him. One way we can experience Jesus is by celebrating the sacraments. 

Please see more information about celebrating the sacraments at the North Glengarry Parishes and fill in the interest/registration form below. One of our team members will be in touch with you shortly!


Welcome to the family! Baptism is the basis for the whole of our Christian life. (CCC 1213)

We are excited to journey with you and your loved ones as you prepare for your child’s baptism or your own.

If you’re interested in baptism at the North Glengarry Parishes fill in the contact form below.


First Reconciliation & Communion

First Communion formation centers on the Order of the Mass. Children gain an understanding of the Mass and the true presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.

Children must be in the second grade or higher and have prepared for and celebrated the Sacrament of Reconciliation at least one catechetical school year earlier.

If you’re interested in First Reconciliation & Communion at the North Glengarry Parishes fill in the contact form below.

Reconciliation & Mass

The sacrament of Reconciliation re-unites us with God after our sin has separated us. 

Jesus offers us himself in the Eucharist. The Eucahrist is the source and summit of our faith and we invite you to celebrate with us

Please see our events page for the next available time to joing us for Mass or celebrate the sacrament of reconciliation.


Confirmation formation looks at the identity and role of the Holy Spirit in our lives. We help registrants understand the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and how the Gifts can help them be disciples of Christ.

Confirmation students are blessed with a sponsor to guide them in the preparation process and to present them to the bishop.

If you’re interested in confirmation at St. Finnan’s fill in the contact form below.


Congratulations on your engagement! The next weeks and months will likely be a blur of anticipation and planning. As you are busy sharing the great news and throwing around wedding day ideas, we encourage you to invite God into this exciting and joyful time in your relationship. Embracing marriage as a sacrament will transform your whole life together and take your love to a much deeper level.

For more information on Marriage Preparation click here.

If you’re interested in getting married at the North Glengarry Parishes fill in the contact form below.


Whether you are discerning a call to the priesthood or supporting a friend or family member pursuing a vocation, the Vocations Office is here to provide spiritual guidance and ongoing support.  If you feel the Lord nudging you in the direction of the priesthood, your parish priest is usually the first point of contact.

Contact our vocations Director Fr. Pierre ( or 613-558-1445).

The Sacraments

We want to know Jesus as our friend, our saviour, and our comforter. We want to know about him; we want to experience him! 

One way we know Jesus is by encountering him in the sacraments.

We invite you to know Jesus and grow in your faith by celebrating the sacraments at our North Glengarry Parishes.

To get more information, or to express interest in receiving the sacraments, please fill in the short form. A member of our team will be in touch with you.

*Please contact for funerals.

**Please see our events calendar for confession/reconciliation times. If you are unavailable at those times, please contact our office at

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