Preparing the Annual Report 2023

by Feb 3, 2023Pastor's Blog

Leadership is not about being the best.
Leadership is about making everyone around you better.

As parishioners, we all need to be noticed, named, and known. This is what community is about. This is what family is about. Indeed, we all belong to the Church.

I see this especially with our young people and how they need a nurturing community that cultivates an environment that supports them in their journey of creating meaningful lives. We all need this. Our North Glengarry Parishes is home to many people, and more are now knocking on our doors. It is a joy to work in the Lord’s vineyard with all of you.

In the last two meetings with our Pastoral and Finance Council members, we are discerning new ways to create this culture of hospitality, a culture of invitation. If you see someone new sitting beside you, please go and introduce yourself, and welcome them to our parish.

We’ll be looking at new ways to grow in our Catholic Faith, and some of these details were discussed in last month’s meetings. Please take time to read the minutes and the summary. These details will help form the next Annual Report 2023, and we hope to present to all parishioners the weekend of February 25/26.

  • minutes for the Pastoral Council meeting, January 24
  • minutes for the Finance Council meeting, January 31
  • next meeting: Parish Renewal Committee, February 16
  • please see me if you have any questions, and/or talk with one of the parish leaders

Finally, Lorne and I have been discussing small groups, or Connect Groups, and inviting new leaders to start these gatherings weekly in homes, local restaurants, at the parish office, or in our four parishes. We will have groups for all ages and stages of life including young adults. Please stay tuned, and let’s continue praying for our Catholic community, and our North Glengarry Parishes. We belong to the Church. Have a great week. Peace.

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