New Pastoral Year

by Sep 14, 2022Pastor's Blog

And God has placed in the church first of all apostles, second prophets, third teachers, then miracles, then gifts of healing, of administration, of leadership, and of different kinds of tongues.

1 Corinthians 12:28

Many thanks to everyone who helped make our annual “Kick Off Weekend” a success. Thanks to our CWL sisters, and everyone who donated food too. It was great to gather after the St. Finnan’s Basilica 11AM Mass, over at Shalom House to start our new Pastoral Year together. A special thanks to Inez Franklin and her team for all their help!

Back to life, back to reality. Not only is it a new school year, but a new Pastoral Year too. There continues to be a lot of interest in the various groups and events that make our parish a vibrant community, and we are preparing for new signups this coming weekend! Thanks again to Lorne, our Director of Evangelization and Parish Growth, for his gifts of administration, and leadership, and for organizing this weekend’s Ministry and Volunteer Fair. We hope for 100% participation! WOW! More on this during this weekend’s homily.

Being true to the mission of an institution also requires planning for its future.

Fr. Donald Senior

Also, our Pastoral & Finance Council members will be meeting next week, for our annual meeting together on planning! As I recently read, and tweeted this week, “being true to the mission of an institution also requires planning for its future.” What should be our priorities this Fall, this year, and in the years to come? How do we help our families grow in their faith, to know Jesus better, to love Him, and to follow Him as missionary-disciples?

I currently started reading Fr. Senior’s book The Gift of Administration: New Testament Foundations for the Vocation of Administrative Service (2015). It begins as a commentary on the gifts we all have been given, and the boldness to share them with others.

The summary of Fr. Senior’s book: “In his First Letter to the Corinthians Paul cites ‘administrators’ as one of God’s gifts to the Christian community (1 Cor 12:28). But many who serve in administrative service today have difficulty seeing how their everyday work is an expression of discipleship. This book, written by an experienced administrator and noted biblical scholar, shows how the various functions of institutional administration are deeply rooted in the Scriptures and are a genuine expression of our call to discipleship. Leadership, mission statements and planning, finances and fund raising, personnel issues, communications, and public relations—all of these seemingly ‘secular’ activities serve to build up the Body of Christ and deserve to be recognized as authentic Christian ministry. To see administrative service as a biblically rooted gift can help those involved in this way of life to find deeper and more satisfying spiritual meaning in what they do.”

Again, everything we do should help us on our spiritual journey’s, to grow in our love for God, and for neighbour! Please consider signing up this weekend, or talking with your parish representative for more information. Also, if you have time please speak with a member of the Parish or Finance Council regarding any concerns, comments, or suggestions you may have. Let us continue praying for one another. Have a great week!

Ps. your Pastoral (PPC) & Finance (PFC) Council members:

St. Finnan’s BasilicaSt. Catherine of SiennaSt. JamesSt. Anthony
Deacon John Kennedy (PPC)Nancy MacKinnon (PPC)Jeannie Coleman (PPC)Emma Rayburn (PPC)
Lorne Stang (PPC)Monica MacLean (PFC)Ivan Coleman (PFC)Sandy Murray-MacDonell (PPC)
Elizabeth McDonell (PPC)Martin Doyle (PFC)Dean MacDonell (PPC)
Inez Franklin (PPC)Kevin Rayburn (PFC)
Cameron McCormick (PPC)Linda Morrow (PFC)
Amy Bourbonnais (PPC)
Mike Leger (PFC)
Bernie McDonell (PFC)

Pss. Also, here’s a list of our Parish Representatives:

St. Finnan’s BasilicaSt. Catherine of SiennaSt. JamesSt. Anthony
Anne MacGregorMonica McLeanMary Ellen VilleneuveEmma Rayburn
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