Mass Time Changes

by Jan 17, 2024Pastor's Blog

I put before you the one great thing to love on earth:
the Blessed Sacrament.

J.R.R. Tolkien

Again, thank you to all who participated on our poll about Mass times. Almost 35% of parishioners participated. A strong majority have suggested changes to our existing Sunday schedule. Our Parish Pastoral Council discussed the results at our meeting on January 8, 2024.

As we continue to prepare our parish for the next generation, our Parish Pastoral Council continues to work on:

  • improving our vibrant and dynamic liturgies,
  • helping grow our leadership in our councils, and ministry leaders,
  • and, helping us grow stronger in our Christian Catholic Faith.

Finally, a strong majority of parishioners have suggested changes to our existing Sunday schedule. For pastoral reasons, and aiming to have welcoming Mass times for all parishioners, effective the start of Lent 2024 (February 18, 2024), we will modify our Sunday Mass schedule for St. Finnan’s Parish:

  • St. Anthony’s church: Sunday at 10:30am
  • St. Finnan’s Basilica: Sunday at 8am and 10:30am
  • St. James church: Sunday at 9am

In addition, 25 people responded positively to the suggestion of a Sunday evening Mass. The Parish Pastoral Council will continue discerning this option along with the priests in our Deanery. Finally, there is no change to our Saturday 5pm anticipated Sunday Vigil Mass at the Basilica.

The Eucharist will renew our parish.

The Holy Spirit’s call to renewal can be broken down into four invitations based on the pillars seen from the upcoming US National Eucharistic Revival:

  1. reinvigorate worship,
  2. create moments of personal encounter,
  3. engage in robust formation,
  4. and send Catholics forth as missionaries.

Reinvigorating Worship: Beauty in the liturgy elevates the minds and hearts of those who attend Mass, helping them to match their interior disposition with the externals of what’s being celebrated.

Personal Encounter: Our goal is to continue our Monthly “Encounter Nights” that help parishioners encounter Jesus in the Eucharist personally. Next one is schedule for January 25, 2024, at the Basilica.

Robust Faith Formation: We will continue to work on new Preaching Series this year, as well as equip small groups helping us grow in faith. The majority of Mass-going Catholics either do not understand or do not accept the doctrine of the Real Presence. This year, we are invited to change that by providing robust formation around this amazing reality. Which programs would you like us to offer?

Missionary Sending: How can we “invite one back” and accompany those in need on the margins? Let’s mobilize Catholics in our pews! This year, each parishioner will be invited to reach at least one person with the message of Christ’s Eucharistic love. We are compiling resources that will equip every Catholic to embrace one-on-one missionary activity.

* for more details on these four pillars, please visit the US National Eucharistic Revival.

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