Light To Others

by Nov 30, 2022Pastor's Blog

John the Baptist prepares the way for Jesus and points to his coming.  Like John the Baptist we as individuals we are to point people to Jesus and prepare the way for him. This coming Sunday we will look at how good deeds and acts or repentance point to Jesus as the light of the world.

Matthew 3:1-2

Last week in our Advent Series we discussed how Everybody Needs The Light. This 2nd Week of Advent we focus on how to be Light to Others as Individuals.

Light is a necessary part of life. It provides clarity and direction so we can make our way. It provides safety and security. At this time of the year we feel the absence of light. During these next four weeks of Advent, we will look at our need for light and Jesus is the true light of the world.

Our Advent Theme 2022

We continue with our Advent theme, “Let There Be Light.” As the days get darker and darker, we become more and more aware of our need for light. We need light for our physical and emotional health. We need the light of Christ for our spiritual and intellectual well-being. 

Light is influential. When we are in a dark place or dark room, we naturally move toward the light because it gives us clear direction. The darker the place, the more we can be influenced by a light. Our lives are to be light for others so that they move in God’s direction. No matter who you are, you can influence or be a light to other people. Influence is the power to affect how someone develops, acts, or feels. Influence moves people in one direction or another. God has put you on this earth to be a light that will influence people in his direction. 

Ask God to help you grow this week to see how you can be a light for others. Pray for God to give you the names of people he wants you to move in his direction.

Have a great week. Peace.

ps. Advent Confessions every Saturday starting at 3pm, St. Finnan’s Basilica.

pss. also, see details on our Christmas Octave

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