“Go into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel to every creature!” (Mark 16:15)

We aspire to a living faith – knowing who Jesus is, growing in our relationship with him, and leading others.

“The question, “Are you keeping the faith?” often comes up in ministry!  To which most would reply enthusiastically, “YES!”  However, some would rather answer, and challenge us with, “You’re supposed to be giving it away.” 


In our journey we have come to know Jesus and we’re growing in our faith with him. Now, it is time to lead others and help them come to know Jesus. It is time to give the faith away to everyone and anyone who’ll listen!”

We began as a mission.

We continue the mission.


Opportunities to Lead

 If you haven’t participted in Alpha yet, we encourage you to join us for Alpha and invite your friends, neighbours, and colleagues. If you have done Alpha consider volunteering as a table host or volunteer.

Alpha is how we encourage everyone to come to know Jesus and you play an important role in helping others know Jesus.

There are many other ways to lead in our parish. We’re always looking for Alpha volunteers, readers, ushers, sacramental preparation team members, technology team members, and much more.

If you’re interested in volunteering with, at attending, Alpha, please get in touch with us.

Inez Franklin  613-347-7666,  inez1989@hotmail.com
Elizabeth McDonell 613-527-3209,  mcdonellbe@gmail.com

St. Finnan’s Pastoral Committee

The North Glengarry Pastoral Committee was established in December 2020. The objective of this committee is to work with the Pastor to establish a dynamic five-year plan to grow the Catholic faith in North Glengarry.

Father Jonathan Blake – Chair
Nancy McKinnon – St. Catherine of Sienna
Emma Rayburn – St. Anthony/St. Michael’s
Jeannie Coleman – St. James’
Tony Nussbaumer – St. Finnan’s
Elizabeth McDonell – Alpha
Inez Franklin – CWL, St. Finnan’s
Sandra Murray-MacDonell – CWL, St. James’
Dean MacDonell – KOC Council 09780
Cameron McCormick – KOC Council 10640
Bernard McDonell – NGP Finance

St. Finnan’s Finance Council

St. Finnan’s Finance Council is comprised of two representatives from each Finance Committee of the three parishes. The role of this committee is to provide financial oversight to the combined parishes. This committee also provides a financial recommendation to the Pastor on major capital expenses and ensures a long-term vision on financial management.

Ivan Coleman – St. James’
Gregory Ryan – St. James’
Monica McLean – St. Catherine of Sienna
Martin Doyle – St. Catherine of Sienna
Dean MacDonell – St. Anthony’s / St. Michael’s
Kevin Rayburn – St. Anthony’s / St. Michael’s
Wayne MacDonell – St. Finnan’s
Bernard McDonell – St. Finnan’s

The Sacraments

We want to know Jesus as our friend, our saviour, and our comforter. We want to know about him; we want to experience him!

One way we know Jesus is by encountering him in the sacraments.

We invite you to know Jesus and grow in your faith by celebrating the sacraments at St. Finnan's Parish.

To get more information, or to express interest in receiving the sacraments, please fill in the short form. A member of our team will be in touch with you.

*Please contact office@stfinnan.ca for funerals.

**Please see our events calendar for confession/reconciliation times. If you are unavailable at those times, please contact our office at office@stfinnan.ca.

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