Last Minute Invitations

by Dec 15, 2022Pastor's Blog

This last week before Christmas, we encourage people to make last minute invitations for Christmas Eve so that they come to know the light of the world.

Last week in our Advent Series, “Let There Be Light”, we discussed how we are called to be Light To Others as Community. This 4th Week of Advent we focus on the last minute details, and prepare to invite family and friends to one of our Christmas Masses.

In this darkest part of the year, we become more and more aware of our need for light. We need light for our physical and emotional health. We need the light of Christ in our minds and in our hearts. We need the light of Christ — and we are called, challenged, and encouraged to bring that light to others.

As Christ followers, we are to let Christ’s light into our lives. Yet, at times, our minds and hearts can be darkened by fear and doubt. Fear and doubt can tempt us to walk away from our responsibility to bring the light of Christ to others. We may fear rejection or what others might think. We fear failure. We doubt that God can use us to bring his light into the world. 

Like us, Joseph had to overcome fear and doubt to bring Christ’s light into the world. This week, we will learn from his story so that God can use us to bring the light of Jesus to others. Ask God to use you in these last few days before Christmas to bring the light of Christ to others. Pray that his grace would drive away all fear and doubt.

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