I have a dream

by Sep 17, 2021Pastor's Blog

“I Have a Dream, a song to sing

To help me cope, with anything.”

ABBA – I Have A Dream, 1979

Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Welcome back to everyone! Last week I went to the early polls, Sacramental registrations were opened again (First Communion & Confirmation), and I met the our Deanery in Cornwall – all English speaking priests in the area continue to discern best practices for this new Pastoral Year. Also we prayed for all the French speaking priests who were away on retreat. The English speaking priests will be away in November.

I also met with Deacon John Kennedy and his wife, Sue! “Ask, and you shall receive.” I asked the Archdiocese for help with ministry, and it just happens that John and Sue recently moved to our beautiful SDG life! I look forward in presenting them both to all of you very soon. We had a great meeting Friday morning, discussing best ways to share their gifts and talents. Both have worked with and enjoy Pastoral Care. We talked about our ministry at Maxville Manor and Chateau Glengarry. If this ministry interests you, please let me know. Deacon John will also serve at Mass, and preach on a monthly basis. Please welcome John and Sue to our parishes, and to SDG life!

Finally, I do have a dream! This past Thursday night was the first Leadership meeting in our North Glengarry parishes. We all gathered in our new parish office to discuss, and discern ways to grow the Catholic faith in our families and communities. Thanks to all who attended. There were a few missing, but there will be other opportunities to come together.

“I have a dream” is not only an ABBA song, but it was the way I started our meeting. I never sang, but I did quote a few of the lyrics. Each of us also shared with the group highlights from our parish, and ministries. All ministries work together for the parishes. Please continue to pray for the success of this new Pastoral Year.

“Without vision the people perish.”

Proverbs 29:18
Leadership formation night at Maison Shalom House, September 16th, 2021

Thursday night we prayed together, asking the Holy Spirit to help us discern new priorities for the new Pastoral Year. In the past few months, the emphasis has been on three things: 1) Pastoral Calendar (if you want something added to Events Page, please let us know), 2) new Parish Office at Maison Shalom House, and 3) Sacramental Preparation.

It is clear that number three continues to be a top priority again this year! Many families continue to ask questions on best ways to journey with their children regarding the Sacraments of Initiation. I continue to work with Judith Boucher, principal of our school, and Kim Carr, teacher, on ways to help. But we still need volunteers in each parish to help regarding Baptisms, First Communion, and Confirmation.

Other priorities that were briefly mentioned Staff Efficiency over at Shalom House, implementing a Culture of Prayer at all gatherings, meetings, etc., and finally the need for Formation. How can we help? Do you have any suggestions for the Pastoral Year?

The whole evening was hosted by our ALPHA Team. They did a great job at welcoming everyone, and feeding our body and soul. If you have not yet taken and experienced ALPHA, please consider signing up! Our next sessions begin this Thursday at 6:30pm. Looking forward in hearing from you.

Have a great week. Peace.

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