Hello World

by Feb 8, 2021Pastor's Blog, Video

Frs. Rob & Jon:

Take One

“Hello World.” Welcome to the first video of many (maybe). Frs. Rob & I, will begin the conversation on how talk and share leadership in the church today! We’ll discuss vision, mission, and whatever is happening in our parishes.

This first video speaks about our digital mission, how to reach people during the current second lockdown restrictions. Fr. Rob uses a beautiful analogy, that of “playing catch”. Someone throws the ball. Someone catches it. The importance is not so much what I throw at you, but indeed how you will receive it. What are we communicating, what is our content? Indeed, the goal is not creating content for our different channels, but how will it help our parish grow! The goal is always about our parish community growing in the greatest commandments, Love God & Love Neighbour. The question about how to do the digital mission is an ongoing one, and we need your help in discerning the past way forward.

Have a great week. Peace.

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