Have you anything here to eat?

by Apr 16, 2021Pastor's Blog

Lord Jesus, open the Scriptures to us;
make our hearts burn while you speak to us.

Lk 24:32

Third Sunday of Easter. “How was March Break?” The most important question that we hear during this time, is of course, “what are we eating?” Food is important to all people, and all cultures. As disciples of God in Our Lord Jesus Christ, let us continue to hunger and thirst for Him in the Scriptures and the breaking of the bread.

We are witnesses today of the Risen Lord. The current plan was to begin a Preaching Series on Christian Stewardship. The Communications Team even had notes ready for me to use! However, with more restrictions starting Monday, we are once again pivoting! Nonetheless, each Sunday, I will prepare the homilies that speak to our gifts, talents, and treasures! Let us thank God for what He has given us, and continue to be open to His grace, to be bold and share them with our family and friends, parishes, and communities. This weekend Our Lord is asking us to share what we have, and let us be ready and amazed at what He will accomplish through us!

Finally, in the next two weeks, I will be meeting (online) with our North Glengarry Parishes Pastoral and Finance Councils. April 21, will be with NGP Pastoral Council. April 28, will be with NGP Finance Council. If you have questions for the teams, or something add to the agenda, please let me know via email. Again, the names of all our team members will be on the website soon.

Let us continue praying for one another! Have a great week. Peace.

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