Be merciful, O Lord, for we have sinned.

by Feb 12, 2021Blog, Pastor's Blog

Have mercy on me, O God, in your goodness;

in the greatness of your compassion wipe out my offense.

Thoroughly wash me from my guilt

and of my sin cleanse me.

ps 51:3-4, 5-6ab, 12-13, 14,17

Season of Lent. Lent is the yearly celebration by the Church of its corporate conversion in Jesus Christ. During Lent, the Liturgy prepares catechumens to celebrate the Paschal Mystery by the various stages of Christian Initiation. It also prepares the faithful for Easter as they recall their Baptism and do penance in preparation for the greatest feast of the year!

Please pray for Tyler, one of our catechumens to be received into the Church this year! Very Exciting! Let us pray for him, and his fiancée, Caroline, who will celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage in the Fall.

Fr. Jon

Lent recalls our Baptism or prepares us for baptism and emphasizes a spirit of penance.

Through forty days of close attention to God’s Word and fervent prayer, believers are prepared to celebrate the Paschal Mystery. Lenten instructions stress these baptismal and penitential themes.

During Lent, it is important to teach the social consequences of sin and that the heart of the virtue of penance is hatred of sin as an offence against God.

The Church encourages penitential practices that are external and social, reflecting the cirmcumstances of individuals and communities, as we pray and do penance for sinners.

Finally, this past week was filled with a few more ZOOM meetings. It was good to have some of the restrictions lifted and to see parishioners in person! It is good to see my family once again. I also got the chance to visit the school on Ash Wednesday. Let us continue to pray for one another! Have a great week. God bless. Peace!

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