Annual Report – 2020

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Then Peter said to Jesus in reply,

“Rabbi, it is good that we are here!”

MK 9:2-10

2nd Sunday of Lent. Transfiguration Sunday is not only about Our Lord, but about each of us! During LENT, we continue to strive to hear the words of our Father, “This is my beloved Son. Listen to him.” Indeed, sometimes it is hard to discern His voice among all the other noise in our world and in our culture. This past year has been difficult. Yet, like St. Peter, we realize that our Lord is opening us up to new graces – it is good for us to be here! We are also being transifigured.

Every year our parishes are invited to present to all parishioners the Annual Report – regarding finances and pastoral activities. This weekend, we will discuss these details. Our local Finance teams will be present to answer your questions. Below you will find a document for each parish discussing the difficult reality of the pandemic on our parishes. Also, here are some details regarding last year’s 2020 pastoral activities.

ParishFuneralsBaptismsFirst CommunionsWeddings
St. Catherine of Sienna1000
St. Finnan231304
St. James10000
St. Anthony6000

Both these Pastoral Reports, and Financial Reports, have been shared with the Archdiocese. I did not include details regarding Confirmations. Since the amalgamation of the two dioceses, Confirmations are now usually in Grade 6. However, in the Alexandria-Cornwall, our Confirmations were celebrated in Grade 2. Therefore, for the next couple of years, most of the youth in Grade 6 have already been Confirmed. If we are to have the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation, it will most likely include the whole English Deanery – that is, all English Parishes in the Alexandria-Cornwall region.

Our transfiguration, the transformation process, is often times a difficult one! However, as I have mentioned in a few video interviews now, even though our churches have been closed, our parishes have been alive! Thank you to all those who have been sharing in the leadership of our parishes! I look forward to more in-person meetings with my brothers from the Knights of Columbus and my sisters from the Catholic Women’s League.

Since arriving last August, we have begun the process of forming the North Glengarry Parishes (NGP) Finance and Pastoral Teams. Also, we are now beginning the discussion on what our vision and mission is for this year and years following. These are big questions, and we welcome your comments, and suggestions. With the help and coaching from Amazing Parish, I will be introducing two new teams – the Leadship Team and the Strategic Team. More details on this soon, including via video interviews.

Finally, all we do as a family of parishes, have begun to be measured by my three criterias – Evangelization, Liturgy, and Leadership. In fact, this website will change to display this reality with the new sections – Know, Grow, and Lead. James Shaw, our webmaster and Communication consultant, is working hard for us as well – thanks brother! Thank you to all who continue to share their time, talent, and treasure with our brothers and sisters in our parishes. For example, shout out to our ALPHA team, Communications + Nota Bene Team, all our musicians and their talents during our Advent Series Concerts, the brothers journeying through Exodus 90, and of course all who have been involved in our COVID19 teams! Let us continue to pray for one another.

There is so much more to discuss –

  • The renting of the rectory now in Apple Hill,
  • The search for a new office location
  • The creations of a new Parish Manager job position (details to be posted online next week)
  • The need for more volunteers with our Tech LIVESTREAM Team, Baptism Prep Team, First Communion Prep Team, RCIA Team, and new Outreach Team.

If you see a need in our parishes, please let us know how we can help you! Again, let us continue to pray for one anther.

As St. Peter says this weekend, “it is good for us to be here.” Thank you for praying for me as well! I look to this year with great enthusiasm, and I am thankful to be walking with each of you. Have a great week. God bless you, and Mary protect you.


Fr. Jon

ps. Here are the Financial Reports PDF files for each parish, along with the contact names for more information.

Parish Contacts

  • St. Finnan: Wayne MacDonell (514.349.0685)
  • St. Catherine of Sienna: Monica McLean (613.527.9997)
  • St. Anthony: Kevin Rayburn (613.229.5050)
  • St. James: Ivan Coleman (613.662.6029)
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